xebre helps businesses to create great digital user experiences.

We design and build websites, apps, and digital services for clients who understand that their customers’ experience matters.

We support a wide range of people with their websites, apps and digital services.

SME Services

We help small and medium businesses to deliver and improve their websites and apps.

We’ll guide you through the process, from ideas to delivery.

Specialist UX Consultancy

We provide specialist user experience and interaction design expertise to cutting-edge research and development projects.

We deliver a full package spanning advice, design and development, through to ongoing support.

Research & Design Services

Successful projects start with a good understanding of the problem they’re solving.

We’re experts in user-centered design. We help our clients to understand their problems, know their customers, and validate their ideas.

Technical Delivery

We can provide a complete service, from design to delivery, using our in-house development skills or working with others.

Our approach to software project management helps us ensure that we deliver projects efficiently, and on time.

Advice & Consulting

It helps to have a team you can turn to for expertise, advice, and guidance.

With over 10 years experience in web design, UX, and software development, we help our clients understand technology and make it work for their business.

We've already succeeded across a diverse range of projects for companies, universities, charities, and even the UK Government.

Krowd App (Specialist UX Consultancy)

“Richard’s insights and expertise in user experience were crucial to understanding the user experience aspects of the Krowd Safe project.”

The Rose Road Association (Graphic Design, Web Design and Technical Delivery)

“Alex and Richard guided us through the process of revamping our slightly tired website. We’re so pleased with what they produced. Thanks guys!"

Chloe Atkins, Head of Fundraising, The Rose Road Association

Consentua (Web Design)

“Alex’s ideas and expertise helped us to relaunch a fresh new website that shows off our product and communicates our core message.”

Chris Cooper, CTO, KnowNow Innovation Ltd Graphic Design

Joanna Jefferson Architects (Website Modernisation)

“When our website became out-of-date and incompatible with modern browsers, Alex and Richard were able to recreate it with a modern content management system, which will hopefully keep us online for the foreseeable future!”

Joanna Jefferson, Architect, Joanna Jefferson Architects

University of Southampton

"Alex and Richard helped us to get our report on 'Building a Consentful Economy' online quickly, making it much easier for us to share our research and be linked to through social media."

Professor m.c. schraefel, Building a Consentful Economy Project, University of Southampton

We hope you'll join our growing list!

We are a team with a credible background, and years of experience in what we do.

Dr Richard Gomer

A certified specialist and active researcher in both software development and interaction design. Richard can supply his significant expertise to design and build digital systems which enhance the customers' experience, and are fully compliant with regulatory requirements on user data handling.

Alex Price BSc

A front-end web designer with over 5 years experience, who has built personalised web templates for many clients. Alex can work with a wide range of web technologies, including Wordpress and Jekyll, and can design custom icons, drawings and backgrounds to enhance digital content.

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